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Axalta Irus Mix was launched globally., which is developed by Axalta and Santint!
Lately, Axalta Coating Systems announced the launch of Axalta Irus Mix, a fast and efficient fully automated and completely hands-free mixing machine for the automotive refinish industry.

Colour mixing used to be a major bottleneck in every bodyshop. But not anymore. Irus Mix can realize automatic shaking and paint mixing of original toner cans through robot arm. Completely hands-free design helps operators reduce mixing time, greatly improved the overall efficiency! Moreover, as a fully automated paint mixing system, with proven and stable dispensing technology, you can speed-up throughput without compromising on colour accuracy.

Axalta Irus Mix
SANTINT is delighted to cooperate with Axalta on the development of Irus Mix!Santint, as a reliable tinting solution provider, will keep driving more technology innovation and empowering the digitalized development of the industry!

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