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Return Visit & Quality Inspection on AC100 Automatic Dispenser
In June, glorious and bright, SANTINT inspection team, came to Changde, Liuyang and Tongcheng city, to carry out a return visit and quality inspection on AC100 Automatic Dispenser. They deeply communicated with customers on the use of the equipment and the economic benefits, and asked for the suggestions of the paint shop boss and the professional workers on the continuous improvement of the equipment.

Speed Brings Benefit!

Generally speaking, the professional workers showed a high praise to SANTINT’s AC Automatic Dispenser and they were also very satisfied with the benefits it brings. "Since we bought the SANTINT’s AC100 Automatic Dispenser, the efficiency has been significantly improved. In the past, it took more than ten to twenty minutes to manually dispense one kind of color, but now, it takes only one to two minutes to complete using the AC100 Automatic Dispenser. The speed has been improved, and the benefits have followed." Master Sun said happily, "in the past, it took half a day to complete color dispensing, and the customer also complained about the delay. Now we can complete in 1-2 minutes, and customer is satisfied with the high efficiency, and my benefits have come up."

Automatic Car-refinish Paint Dispenser
Accuracy Brings Earnings!

After talk to the owners of the paint shop, we learned that they have used the AC100 cAutomatic Dispenser developed by SANTINT for about four years. Since they use AC100 Dispenser to finfish color dispensing, the business of the paint shop has undergone earth-shaking changes. They showed that, in the past, a painter can dispense 10-30 paints a day. After using the AC100 Dispenser, he can dispense about 100 paints a day. Moreover, the computer tinting is also very accurate. The situation of multi-tint and mis-tint is greatly reduced, and the waste of paint is also reduced. Master Yang of the paint mixing shop said proudly, "many customers heard that we bought AC100 Automatic Dispenser from SANTINT. They came here with admiration and brought a lot of orders. We had to process more than 200 orders a day, which greatly improved the revenue."

AC100 Automatic Dispenser
More simple operation for equipment, and the paint environment is no longer dirty and messy!

In Tongcheng city, Master Wu, who just worked on the paint industry, said confidently, "I always felt that the paint industry was dirty and difficult. After using AC100 Automatic Dispenser, I felt that paint mixing was not difficult at all! And I could finish my work cleanly every day without getting my clothes dirty."

Automatic Dispenser
For the SANTINT return visit & quality inspection on AC100 Automatic Dispenser, the interviewed customers showed high praise. During the visiting period, SANTINT team listened carefully to the feedback of customers on equipment quality, product performance, use, etc., and communicated with customers with a realistic and pragmatic working attitude, gave a clear reply to the suggestions and opinions put forward by customers on site. At the same time, the return visit team also said, as an excellent solution provider in the automatic car-refinish paint industry, SANTINT will work with paint manufacturers to continuously focus on customer’s pain points, innovate continuously, and create more and more value for customers and the industry!
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