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Automatic Dispenser
1L/min High efficiency suitable for batch dispensing
1/2000Y High accuracy suitable for sample paint dispensing
100% Recirculation suitable for Z-VOC colorant
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It goes well with
Reduces customer waiting time
High efficency piston pump shortens tinting time.
Suitable for sample paint dispensing
Small pump and small nozzle inside achieve 1/2000Y(0.015ml) super high accuracy, suitable for sample paint dispensing.
Suitable for Z-VOC colorant
100% recirculation patented technology. In the standby time, the colorant is completely isolated from air; timed recirculation makes the colorant noncondensing and prevents the nozzle from dryness and blockage & colorant from deterioration.
Weight feedback function optional
Electronic scale real-time feedbacks dispensing amount. Accurate compensation can be achieved according to feedback value. It applies to industrial paint, ink, automotive paint, etc.

Pump configuration sequential pistion pump
Single Pump Standard Efficiency 1L/ min
Minimum Shot 1/2000Y(0.015ml) *It depends on the product property
Mixing Speed 20-25r/min
Applicable can diameter≤350mm, height≤420mm
NO. of Canisters 16 canisters: 12 x 2.3L + 4 x 6L 24 canisters: 24 x 2.3L(Stainless Steel)
Can table manual, electrical optional
Machine Dimension ( W X D X H ) 830 x 985 x 1325mm
Packing Dimension ( W X D X H ) 900 x 1070 x 1530mm
Net Weight 240Kg(Electrical) 220Kg(Manual)
Gross Weight 300Kg(Electrical) 280Kg(Manual)
Power Supply 220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz

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